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TrulyLatino Features and How to Use Them

The world has been changing these days; the same goes for the dating scene. Online dating has been one of the easiest ways of meeting like-minded singles. You can meet anyone from halfway around the world by just logging in using your mobile phones. Compared to other dating sites and apps, TrulyLatino is a safe space for Latinos—or Latinx—that want to enjoy dating freely. We will assist you on how to use and take advantage of TrulyLatino’s features.


Grab your match’s attention without having to send a message voluntarily. How should you do it?

Search for the member’s profile first before sending them interest. Under their profile photo, you may click the show interest button, and the member will get notified. You may go to the interests page located in the top menu to view all your incoming and outgoing interests.


It will be tough to remember if you get interested in too many Latino singles in one sitting. Favorites will help you at ease by saving their profiles in one list and avoiding the hassle of searching for them one by one.

What you need to do is by going to their profile, and click/tap Add Favorite under their profile photo. Click on Favorites located in the top menu to view your favorites list.

Browse & Search Profiles

Are you ready to meet Latino singles? Start searching for your ideal Latino match via the browse page or use the advanced search feature.

Use the advanced search feature If you are looking for someone with a set of preferences. Click on the filter and fill up the search form with your desired match requirements. Click/Tap update results once you are done.

Share Photos

Share some of your best photos to level up your dating profile and attract more potential admirers.

How to upload a photo? Go to your TrulyLatino profile and click Manage Photo. Next, select the album to pick a picture and click Add photo or Take a photo. You may then add a caption for each image to make it more personal.

After uploading your photo, it will undergo a review process to assess the quality and comply with the website policy. Our review team will send you an email notification whether your photo is approved or not.

Instant Messaging & Chat

Take your relationship to the next level. Good communication makes the connection get more profound, and we might not know what will happen next. Grab the chance to connect with other members through TrulyLatino’s instant messaging and video call features.

Start by visiting your favored member’s profile and click send a message under their profile photo to create a private conversation. Afterward, feel free to send them a message. Invite them to a video chat if you can see that they’re currently online. It just hits differently with a face-to-face interaction compared to plain text.

Profile Verification

TrulyLatino’s priority is to keep each member’s safe. We make sure that everyone is honest with pure intention in finding their ideal match. All of our members are protected from any fraudulent activity by ensuring that there are multiple layers of verification process upon profile creation.

Facebook Verification

Please follow these steps to verify your account with Facebook:

  • Go to ypour Profile Settings.
  • On Verification, select Verify With Facebook to connect your account.
  • Once successful, wait for the Facebook verified badge to show on your profile.

Phone Verification

Please follow these steps to verify your account via SMS:

  • Go to your Profile Settings.
  • On Verification, enter your mobile number under Verify via SMS to get your verification code.
  • Enter the verification code. Then wait for the SMS verified badge to show on your profile.

Camera Verification

Please follow these steps to verify your account via Camera:

  • Go to your Profile Settings.
  • On Verification, select Verify With Camera. Follow the instructions to add your photo.
  • Once the team verifies the photo, wait for the Camera verified badge to show on your profile.

ID Verification

Please follow these steps to verify your account with your ID:

  • Go to your Profile Settings.
  • On Verification, select Take A Photo Of My ID to send a photo of any legal identification card.
  • Once verified, wait for the ID-verified badge to show on your profile.


Communication barriers should not be a blocker in searching for your Latin match. TrulyLatino has a powerful messaging feature that will enable you to communicate with anyone at ease. With the assistance of TrulyLatino’s all-around translation feature, you don’t have to worry about language differences.

If you want to activate language translation, go to your account settings. Choose your preferred language under translations and click the toggle on to automatically translate messages.

Personality & Dating Questions

It is imperative to know yourself first before your future partner gets to know you. Answering the Personality and Relationship questions will help you discover things you haven’t learned about yourself. You will also get to share some information about random topics with your potential matches.

How will you do it? Click on your profile and select profile settings. Pick which tests you should answer, either Personality Tests or Questions, or both. Make sure to answer the questions as honestly as possible for you to get accurate results.

You can instantly get the result on the site and get a copy through email once you complete the tests. A Personality or Questions badge will pop up on your profile, and it will be visible to any members who visit.

TrulyLatino is one of the highest quality dating sites looking for love on Latin singles from Latin countries! What holds you back? Join our growing community full of Latin singles, and you might find a Latin match for you.

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